We have dedicated ourselves to our customers and partners since our first hand tools were manufactured in Sweden in 1850. Explore the SNA Europe timeline to discover how over 

150 years of history has shaped our partnership expertise.

1856 - Lindström is founded in Eskilstuna (Sweden). The tool of choice for medical device industries, watchmakers and jewelry artists.

1886 - The first production of Bahco’s first saw blades starts based on the high quality steel previously molded to make fish hooks.

1892 - Invention of the adjustable wrench.

1930 - Irimo is established in Spain

1969 - The introduction of the bi-metal hacksaw blade Sandflex® heralded a new era in metal-cutting blade technology.

1982 - Bahco presented ERGO™. Our tools are the only choice for professionals who know only the best will do.

2002 - Ergo Ratchet

2005 - Herramientas Eurotools и Bahco Group присоединились к Snap-on Incorporated и объединились для создания SNA Europe.

2013 - The Tool Management system configurator is winning a silver medal for innovation.

2017 - Storage Hub State of the art trolley to suit the European standards.

SNA Europe is the premier pan-European manufacturer of hand tools and saws, part of Snap-on Incorporated.

We design and manufacture tools and saws tailored to the most demanding professionals, focussing our design highly on innovation, performance and ergonomics. As innovators for over 165 years, we have introduced the most advanced tools in the world, and sell through distributors with whom we build long-term partnerships. Bahco products are overwhelmingly manufactured in our own factories located across Europe and offered by our partner distributors to the professionals. To provide the best quality tools to our partners, we are sharing throughout the organization common values on safety, health, quality, ethics.